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Kick-ass Kits, Super Switches, Perfect PCBs. Stocked in the UK, available worldwide.

You may have to do some lateral thinking to identify some of the kits as trademark infringements aren't on the menu around here. They should be fairly obvious though, and if you aren't sure, just ask.

New kits are added regularly, and requests (via social media - click those icons at the bottom of the page) are taken on-board and considered.

All kits come with professionally fabricated PCBs. No stripboard here. No sir. Beware poor imitations... 

If you opt to include an enclosure with your kit, it'll be pre-drilled to fit perfectly. Powder-coated enclosures are sometimes available - check the Enclosures section for what's in stock right now.

Quick turnaround. Fair P&P. Service with a (virtual) smile.

Please note: the kits are not join-the-dots, and the instructions do not give a step-by-step photo essay on how-to-assemble. You'll have to identify components and read resistor codes. If you're a beginner, please check out the instruction documents before purchase and head to the support section to download the 'Basics' pdf.



First time or high-value orders MUST be sent to your registered Paypal address. Sorry, absolutely no PO Boxes. No exceptions.

If you're ordering from outside of the EU you will not be charged VAT. All taxes will be removed when you select your country at checkout. You're responsible for any import duty or local taxes upon delivery though.

ITALIAN CUSTOMERS: Be prepared to wait 8 weeks for your items without complaining you haven't received it. It's out of our hands.

FRENCH CUSTOMERS: We no longer send packages to Paris untracked, so please do not order unless you're willing to pay the extra for tracked shipping on low value orders. You will simply be refunded if you don't.